Six Tips to Improve Communication in Marriage

Communication is an essential to a successful marriage. A vital skill can improve one’s relationship. Without this skill, it could lead to a breakdown of the union. When a marriage has good communication, a person is comfortable to express one’s opinions, feelings, and thoughts. Bad communication will result in a person not choosing to have a serious conversation with their spouse, in fear of having a disagreement. From personal experience, healthy communication is a learned skill that does not happen overnight.

These are six good ways to improve communication in marriage (in no particular order):

1. Think of yourselves as a team

Marriage is being able create a true partnership. One must know that you and your spouse are on the same team. What is the saying “teamwork makes the dream work!” LOL! No matter if, it is budgeting, raising children, or making any decision that will affect the household – you are on a team to accomplish similar goals in life.

2. Be willing to change and improve.

Marriage is about compromise. Period! If there is a problem in your relationship that could be resolved through a change in one’s actions, a spouse should be willing to make the necessary changes. This does not mean to do whatever a person dictates, both parties should feel comfortable and be willing to adjust accordingly.

3. Do not bring up past mistakes.

Nobody wants to live in the past. We have grown from our past and do not want to go back to that time in our lives. Let me reiterate, please do not bring up the past in your relationship. It will cause further conflict and disagreements.

4. Be a good listener.

If you are a good listener, you are a good communicator. That is just a known fact. You cannot communicate well if you never listen to how a person is feeling or thoughts on a topic. When your spouse is truly listening (and not hearing), they will respond and not react. Often times, we want to find a solution to a problem, but we should find out why there is a problem to begin with.

5. Honesty is so important!

You have decided to be married and to stay with one person your entire life – why would you not be honest. Honesty is being real and transparent to your spouse. It is important to express your feelings without being judged or afraid to tell truth. Honesty is having open communication with your spouse. Without this, lies could develop and will negatively affect your marriage.

6. When angry, do not argue.

Speaking to your spouse when angry is the absolute worst thing to do! When a person is angry, words can be lethal. You can say things that you will not be able to take back. It is better to leave the room to deescalate the situation, to control one’s emotions and give time to time to get your thoughts together. This time apart from one each other will be beneficial to all.

What are some other effective tips for better communication with your spouse?