10 Mommy Recovery Products (Postpartum)

During nine months of pregnancy, a woman is preparing mentally for a new baby. Giving birth is a joyous and you will be overwhelmed with emotions! Emotions include being happy and anxious about the new addition to the family.

Following labor and delivery, a woman must be prepared to take care of herself too! Having a baby takes a huge tow on a woman’s body – whether they have a vaginal or caesarean delivery. Postpartum is the time after giving birth when your body recovers from making and pushing out a baby.

During the first six weeks after birth, symptoms typically experienced by women are the following:

· Vaginal bleeding

· Abdominal cramps

· Perineal discomfort

· Constipation

· Night sweats

· Breast discomfort

· Back pain

It is important to know that a hospital does provide some supplies to the mother after birth. However, the supplies offered will only last 2-3 days after you return home. Therefore, it is best to purchase several items before you deliver. Because I am a mother of four, I have experienced this enough times to know what works and does not work. Being a mother of multiple children (and all vaginal deliveries), I have experienced this four times!

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Below are my recommendations for must-have products to help and reduce postpartum symptoms for a quicker recovery (no matter if vaginal or caesarean delivery):

1. Vaginal bleeding

You will bleed a lot (could last up to 6 weeks)! You will need sanitary pads and mesh underwear! The hospital will provide a couple of each but it will not last the entire postpartum recovery period. Mesh underwear are the best, the ones below are like hospital-grade that are washable and reusable.

Menstrual pads (during the day)

Menstrual pads (overnight)

Mesh underwear

2. Perineal Discomfort

You will feel pain and numbness. Your perineal area should remain clean to prevent any infection. The hospital will provide a sitz bath, as well as a peri bottle. However, you need more than what they provide. By the way, FRIDA MOM products are phenomenal. The ice cold packs should be used up to a week post delivery and then switch to cooling pad liners.

Pain relief spray

Peri bottle

Cooling pad liners

Ice cold packs

3. Constipation

It is important to eat healthy and drink fluids to prevent constipation. Extreme constipation would lead to hemorrhoids (which is the worse), so these are needed!

Stool softeners

Hemorrhoid pads

4. Breast Discomfort

As a new mother, your breasts will produce milk and it will double your breast size causing much discomfort and pain. If you are breastfeeding, sore and cracked nipples could happen. For breastfeeding 101 (including must-have products), please see my other post (coming soon).

Last, but certainly not least!

5. Women want to reduce their belly back to pre-pregnancy size.

A postpartum support band or belly binder is the product that necessary! I have purchased a number of different belly binders (email me if you want to know!). I will recommend this one from Amazon, I wore it every day and it worked very well.

What are some postpartum products that you think were helpful during your recovery?