Parenting through Positive Affirmations

Positive Parenting

When a person becomes a parent, you are responsible for another human being. This is now your number one priority in life. Therefore, being the best parent you can be is the goal. Positive parenting is the continual relationship of a parent and child that encourages communication and mutual respect. Positive parenting is what every parent should strive to do. This concept is so beneficial because it will build a child’s self-esteem, ensure better behavior, improve communication skills and nurture the parent-child relationship.

Positive Affirmations

A major strategy in positive parenting are to use positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are statements that a person will speak to help overcome negative thoughts. The idea is to repeat affirmations on a daily basis to reprogram our subconscious. If we believe in the affirmations, we will believe in ourselves and make positive changes in one’s life.

Every parent should practice speaking affirmations. We want to be the best parent for our children. Daily life can be challenging and daunting when caring for another person. At times, you can be overwhelmed or self-criticize. Our thoughts and actions affect how we treat others. To avoid negative thoughts, implement positive self-talk. Saying affirmations will make you feel better about your parenting skills and life in general.

Remember, if we exude confidence, self-worth, and love for ourselves, your child will emulate same behavior. Not only should a parent speak affirmations to their self, children should practice this daily as well. Below are ten examples of positive affirmations that every child needs to hear and repeat.

1. You are super loved.

2. You are smart.

3. You are creative.

4. You are a leader.

5. You are special.

6. You are thoughtful.

7. You are beautiful or handsome.

8. You deserve respect.

9. You are confident.

10. You will achieve your goals and dreams.

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“Say It With Me (Dilo Conmigo)” Book

As a new mom blogger, I have met people in unique ways. Through a connection on Clubhouse (invitation-only social media app), I was introduced to Nancy Torres. We instantly connected because we are both mothers and we share the same zodiac sign (Sagittarius)! Nancy is a brand new author of a wonderful book! Her dual-language (English & Spanish) book is for children to teach them to recognize what makes them remarkable. It is for young readers to learn the power of speaking kindly about one self and how good it feels to share love for yourself to others.

At the end of the book, there is a parent excerpt. Nancy explained her thought-process for writing this book is from personal experience with her son. She emphasized that “positive affirmations” should be practiced DAILY with your child to help with self-esteem and confidence.

Being a mother of four, I loved this book! This book was great to read with my older children (7 and 9) and it was easy for them to read as well. In my home, I always express to my children how amazing that I think they are in every aspect. Through reading this book, I realized that I should not only say affirmations, but make my children speak the affirmations as well. It is important to not only give praise, but for a child to say self-praise. This will forever be a must-read book in my home and I cannot wait to read it with my younger children.

“Say It With Me (Dilo Conmigo)” should be purchased ASAP and added to your kids’ book collection!

In addition to Amazon, you could purchase here:

Interview with Nancy Torres

After reading the book, I had a great opportunity to interview Nancy. It was a pleasure speaking with her about her teaching background, writing process and new book. Check out her responses below to learn more about her.

1. What grades or subjects do you teach in New York? For, how long?

  • She has been a special education teacher for nearly 10 years, she has taught 1st to 3rd grade.

2. What sparked your teaching passion?

  • She taught in graduate school and had a struggling young reader. As she helped the child believe in herself, she started reading. This was a great feeling that she was connecting with children.

3. When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

  • At age 13, saw a journal at a flea market. This sparked her interest and she wrote her first book at 14 years old.

4. Does being a mother & teacher give you a different perspective on children’s literature? How?

  • Being a bilingual mother, she was teaching her young son about alphabet, shapes and colors. She was already introducing her child to different book styles and reading in English & Spanish.

  • Being a teacher, she understands what type of books will get a child’s attention. Different text and read-aloud will engage the child to want to read.

5. What other types of children books or topics do you plan to write about in the future?

  • She wants to write about social-emotional tools (five pillars) for children. This book is on the pillar of Affirmation. She plans to write about the other pillars of Meditation, Journaling, Gratitude and Dance Party.

6. What are your goals for the future?

  • ·Nancy plans to continue teaching and writing children’s books to empower them to know how special they are.

  • Her goal is to let children know that they are “perfectly wonderfully made, inspire confidence and to love themselves!”

Mother’s Day Acknowledgement

Happy Mother’s Day! To all the wonderful moms, we are a strong community of women! We work hard every day to be the best mother to our children. Daily lives can be hard and sometimes a person can get into a negative space of mind. Through affirmations, it will help you get through your day. Affirmations help bolster our confidence and encourage one self. Affirmations are for self-talk, as well as positive talk to our children. SAY IT WITH ME -- create your own daily positive affirmations that can be practiced everyday by everyone!