10 Must-Haves For Every Trimester of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are pregnant. You are growing your family. You are either a new mom or a veteran mom. Regardless, there are essentials that you will need for every trimester. There are three trimesters in a pregnancy: 1st trimester (lasts from week 1 to 13), 2nd trimester (lasts from week 14 to 27), and 3rd trimester (lasts from week 28 to 40).

In a pregnancy, the first trimester is the most important because this is where the major body organs and systems of a fetus are developed. Your body undergoes many changes during this trimester as well. Sadly, this is also when a miscarriage or birth defects can happen. Therefore, it is crucial to be as healthy as you can be!

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Here are the first trimester must-haves:

1. Prenatal vitamins

There are so many different types of prenatal vitamins on the market, just make sure it contains DHA and folic acid. For planned pregnancies, start taking prenatal up to 3 months before trying to conceive. For unplanned pregnancies, as soon as you receive a positive test – start taking them. Both recommendations are vitamins that last for 90 days.

For my first two children, I took MegaFood vitamins. These vitamins are loaded with nutrients that are naturally derived from foods (organic). Recommendation is two pills a day.

For my last two children, I switched vitamins because I did not want to take two pills a day anymore. Also, my hyperemesis gravidarum was progressively worst and I needed a prenatal that I would not vomit so easily. I purchased Rainbow Light because it is formulated to be easy on the digestive system. Recommendation is one pill a day.

2. Products to Help With Morning Sickness

Most women will experience some type of morning sickness in their first trimester. To help alleviate nausea (especially in the morning), crackers or saltines are a staple to have on you at all times. Ginger pops and acupressure wrist bands are other alternatives to add to your list. Along with nausea, pregnant women will have crazy bloating and digestive issues. A solution to this is anything peppermint (oil, tea or candy).

Note: Personally, none of these worked for me because of my HG, but I heard they worked wonders for other pregnant women.

3. Comfortable Pants (leggings or stretchy pants)

For the first trimester, it can appear that you are further along than you actually are. Invest in leggings or stretch pants with elastic waistbands. I tried to wear my regular pants as long as I could, then I purchased maternity leggings and jeans. Motherhood Maternity was my favorite place to shop! These are motherhood maternity brand sold on Amazon.

Here are the second trimester must-haves:

4. Pregnancy Band Support

As your belly grows, it puts a lot of pressure on your spine, hips and back muscles. These bellybands can last throughout the entire pregnancy and provide the extra support. It alleviates pressure when walking, lifts the belly and improve your posture.

5. Pregnancy Pillow

Best investment for the remainder of the pregnancy! You need a pillow that is comfortable, provides the necessary support and adjustable for any position that you want. The two different pillows that I purchased were a full-body pillow and pillow. I used both pillows interchangeably!

6. Body Moisturizer

Stretch marks. Typically, pregnant women will experience minimal or a substantial amount of stretch marks. It is important to try to prevent these by investing in a good body moisturizer. The moisturizer can be belly butters, oils or lotions. Your decision!

Here are the third trimester must-haves:

7. Magnesium Pills & Coconut Oil

Every pregnancy, I experienced tightening of my calf muscles. You might also know them as CHARLEY HORSE. It is the absolute worst pain and I would have them in the middle of the night. I would have the urge to urinate, stretch my legs and scream in sheer pain.

To alleviate this pain, I would take magnesium pills at least three times a week. Magnesium deficiency is a cause for muscle cramps, so I had to increase my consumption of this vitamin.

My father advised me to start rubbing coconut oil on my legs to help with the muscle cramps – and it worked! Unfortunately, the brand he bought me is only available in an African & Caribbean store near my parents' home. But, this is a good substitute!

8. Compression Socks

As your belly expands, the baby is growing. Growth of the unborn baby will affect mom’s circulation, thus increase water retention and swelling in feet and legs. Compression socks are a necessity!

For my nighttime routine, I would massage my legs with coconut oil and then put on my compression stockings.

9. Antacids or Heartburn Medication

During the third trimester, heartburn increases exponentially! It is one of the most common and uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. By week 30, I had to take an antacid every night at bedtime. If I forget to take one, I would wake up with a burning throat in the middle of the night. A pregnant woman can take an antacid after every meal, in the middle of the night or right at bedtime.

10. Electric heating pad

Back and hip pain is inevitable in late pregnancy. Heat promotes blood flow and helps muscles relax. Investing in an electric heating pad will help manage the pain and avoid using unnecessary medications. Do not use heating pads for longer than 20 minutes at a time and use it on a moderate setting to avoid overheating. Moderation is very important!

What are some products that were necessary for you during each trimester?