12 Must-Haves For A Baby Registry

Every expectant mother will create a baby registry shared with family and friends. A baby registry is a list of baby products from a store that a woman would like in preparation for baby’s arrival. A mother can have multiple baby registries or one that shows products from different stores. The best baby registries are through Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Walmart or Pottery Barn Kids.

Based on my own & other people baby showers, half of attendees will buy an item on the registry and the other half will buy whatever they want to. I believe the reason for people not using a baby registry is because (1) they do not live near that store, (2) they want to buy a gift they feel is useful or (3) they simply are not conformers and just do not like to use registries. Regardless, I think a baby registry should only have products that you will actually use! Not products that you merely just like because it looks nice or something that you always desired.

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Below are a list of 12 products that I know for sure should be added on a baby registry to be gifted to an expectant mother. These products fall under health-related, clothing, feeding, diapering and bathing.

1. Clothes

For any expectant mother, baby clothes is a go-to for a baby shower gift. If the mother has stated the gender of her unborn child, buy gender-specific clothing. If a gender has not been disclosed, go with a neutral or unisex color. Regardless of the gender, please limit the number of NEWBORN clothing. An infant grows very fast, it is best to purchase 3-6 months for clothing.

2. Bibs and burp cloths

These products are needed on a daily basis! Babies spit up all day long from breastmilk or formula.

3. Disposable diapers and wipes

My favorite brand for diapers and wipes are Pampers Pure. Babies go through diapers very fast! It it best to purchase a box of diapers and wipes, if you can afford it.

4. Baby bathtub

I think it is best to purchase a bathtub that can be used for different ages: newborn, infant sitting up and small toddler.

5. Blankets

These receiving blankets are multi-functional. They can be used as a blanket, nursing cover, burp cloth, car seat cover, tummy time and changing pad cover.

6. Changing pad

I still use this changing pad for my toddler! It is useful and will last a long time.

7. Diaper bag

I was gifted this at my baby shower by a close friend. This bag is amazing! So many compartments and stylish.

8. Diaper cream

I prefer to use diaper creams that are organic - zinc oxide and petroleum free!

9. Baby shampoo & soap & lotion

A mother will always need shampoo, soap and lotion for their baby. My favorite brand to use is Aveeno.

10. Baby essentials kit

This kit includes a thermometer, nail clippers, brush and more.

11. Pacifiers

My children never used a pacifier after two weeks! But, these are the best because they are similar to the ones given in the hospital.

12. Baby Wash Cloths

These wash cloths are so soft and come in a variety of colors. My children still use them as wash cloths for bath time.