Eight Signs That You Have Found Your Soulmate - "Anniversary Spotlight"

There are so many signs that can signify you have found your soulmate. However, I am only going to mention the top eight signs that I think are the most profound.

First, let me express how I purposely intended to publish this post on March 30. This date is very significant because it is my wedding anniversary. Six years ago, I walked down the aisle to marry my soulmate. This love story started years before this official date. Fifteen years ago, I was 21 years old. I was a college student who partied every weekend and had no plan to get in a serious relationship. I was having lots of fun being single and dating!

In 2006, I created an account on Myspace. Myspace was a social networking site that millions of people were using to connect with family, friends and strangers. One day, Victor sent me a DM on Myspace. I gave him my number. We became friends. Even more, we became best friends. We talked every day about everything, including each other’s dating life. Three years later, we were both single. We both did not have any plans on Valentine’s Day and decided to go out for a friendly dinner. That day started US. We connected on all levels and never looked back at our lives without each other. A friendship blossomed into a relationship and then into a marriage and parenting to four beautiful children.

As someone who was not looking for a long-term relationship, I found one unexpectedly. This is what I would call falling in love with your soulmate. A soulmate is a person that you are destined to be with in life – it is an emotional and physical connection. Finding a soulmate is finding a person that understands every part of you and your personality. Every year that I celebrate my anniversary, I THANK GOD for placing this man in my life. I truly know that I am with my soulmate.

From my experience, there are top eight signs that you have found your soulmate:

1. You Feel It

“When you know, you know” is a quote many will say happens when you found your soulmate. Trusting your gut in this instance is important. You will have an instant connection or chemistry with the person. You will feel that this is the ONE. Go with it, it really could be your soulmate.

2. You Are Honest

Communication is important in any relationship. With your soulmate, communication is easy and the ability to discuss anything comes naturally. You should feel that your honesty will not affect the relationship. You can talk to this person about any and everything.

My husband and I are very truthful in every aspect. We will tell each other the hardcore truth. We were best friends before anything, so we know each other deepest secrets so why lie now that we are married.

3. You Laugh

You ever heard that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter relaxes your body and boost your immune system. It is also the gateway to your heart. When I was dating, I always said that I need a man that will make me laugh. You want someone that will make you feel better, even in during a sad moment.

One of my husband’s greatest quality is his ability to make me laugh. Since day one, we laughed as friends and it continues every day.

4. You Feel Respected

Soulmates respect each other opinions. You will not agree on everything, but also should not argue over the differences, you will respect their opinion. And, that’s just that. Soulmates respect each other independence too. While you are in committed relationship, you are still an individual person. You have your own interests, friendships, and things that you would rather do by yourself.

My husband and I are polar opposites. I am extrovert and he is an introvert. We have different opinions on many issues, but try to come to an agreement when making decisions. We also value our alone time so independence is important in our marriage.

5. You Are Yourself

When you are with your soulmate, you can be yourself. No matter the situation, you will not change. You should not feel judged for your personality, flaws or quirks. This person will love you regardless. Sometimes, people change and lose their identity when in a relationship. A solid relationship will not result in you forgetting who you were before commitment.

6. You Have Shared Life Goals

This is very important! You and your significant other should have similar life goals, values and dreams. Soulmates plan for their future together! The life goals do not have to be the same because you are two different individuals, but ultimately it has to mesh for your combined future. When you agree on the big stuff, this is a good sign!

My husband and I had goals in life. We wanted to reach our work goals and be successful in our career. We also planned to start a family and own a home. We have accomplished it all!

7. You Love Unconditionally

Your partner could make mistakes. Your partner will have flaws. Your partner will irk your nerves. Despite it all, you will still love this person. You will still want this person in your life. You start to feel that you cannot see your life without them. That is when you are in love and love this person unconditionally.

8. You Feel Support

A soulmate is the ultimate support system. Through good and bad times, your partner is there. If you have a problem, they will help figure out a possible solution. When you make a decision, they will stand by you. You will inspire each other to be their best!

What were your signs that you met your soulmate?