Birth Story: Second Child

Being pregnant with my second child, I just felt more prepared. Many women said each birthing experience is different and do not expect your due date to be when the baby arrives. My due date was September 8, 2013. At my 39-week prenatal visit, I had no cervical effacement or dilation. Dr. D told me to schedule an induction once again. September 10th was my chosen birth date, but I did not know I was not going to make it to that calendar date.

On September 4, I felt my first contraction around 5 pm. I could not believe it! I called Victor and told him that I could be having this baby that night. He was on his way home from work and could not believe it. I downloaded a contraction timer app and started timing them. By 9 pm, my contractions were 30 minutes apart. I called my mother and told her that we would be dropping Malakai off to her before heading to the hospital. We got to the hospital by 10 pm that night.

The RN on duty told me to put on the hospital gown and she would start my IV. This time I did not need Pitocin because I was already having contractions. The pain was becoming unbearable and I asked when I could get the epidural. She checked me and I was only 4 cm dilated. I decided that I would try to labor longer before getting the epidural. By 12 am, as 6 cm dilated and screaming in sheer pain! After some time, the anesthesiologist came to my hospital room to administer the epidural.

Shortly after receiving the epidural, the RN checked me and said that my amniotic sac has burst and I would deliver within the next 2-3 hours. The contractions were 80% worse after that and I felt extreme pressure. She was wrong! Within an hour, Victor was holding one leg and a nurse holding my other leg. This time I felt more pressure while pushing than I did with my first. Guess the epidural was not as strong with the second childbirth. I swear I pushed for no more than hour!

On September 5th at 2:15 am, M2 was born at 6 lbs 7 ounces! She was perfect with a head full of hair!