Amazon Favorites: April & May

Been super busy the last couple months! But, here is my new post on Amazon Must-Haves! Here is my monthly short review on four products that I personally purchased for my household and highly

recommend to the mother community!

*This post contain affiliate links, which means that, if you choose to make a purchase using this link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can learn more on the Disclaimer page located at the footer of this site.*

Laundry Clothes Hamper

As a mother, I am constantly doing laundry in my home. On a weekly basis, I am washing clothes, towels, and bedsheets. Washing clothes can be so exhausting if not sorted daily. This laundry clothes hamper is the perfect addition to any household. This collapsible laundry basket is divided into three sections (color, light, dark) so you can sort accordingly. It is durable, lightweight and waterproof! I love this laundry clothes hamper!

See below the laundry cloth hamper in my basement.

Multifunctional Toothbrush Holder

Listen. If you have children, brushing teeth and keeping the bathroom sink clean is hard to do! Children will squeeze the toothpaste too hard, wasting it and having it all over the sink. Children tend to not return the toothbrush back in the holder but leave it laying on the sink. After many years, I finally found a solution.

A wall-mounted multifunctional toothbrush holder! This product includes two automatic toothpaste dispensers, five toothbrush slots, two adult mouthwash cups, two kids’ magnetic mouthwash cups and one storage compartment organizer. This product is worth every damn penny! This has been a great addition to my children’s bathroom. At this time, my three oldest children place their toothbrush in the holders; know which mouthwash cup is theirs and use the same toothpaste dispenser.

I love this toothbrush holder because the toothbrush holder is safe and hygienic, and the toothpaste dispenser gently pushes out just enough toothpaste for the children. It is just a great product!

See below the multifunctional toothpaste holder in my children's bathroom.

Multifunctional Kitchen Organizer

Keeping your kitchen clean and organized is a job in itself. As a mother, we need to invest in kitchen organizers to make life easier. I saw this product on Tiktok and had to purchase it to see for myself.

This multifunctional kitchen organizer is a pan lid holder for pots and pans, and a spoon rest shelf. It has a unique design and premium quality that is easy to clean and carry to different locations. It is perfect for any countertop and stovetop to use while cooking. Prior to this product, I would just place a pot top or spoon/spatula on a napkin or regular plate while cooking. Not anymore!

Kitchen Sink Organizer

This is another great organizer to keep your kitchen sink area clean and free of clutter. This sink organizer is a holder for sponges, scrubs, dishrags, dish/hand soap and other accessories in one’s kitchen. Personally, I use for my dish soap and cleaning sponge. I love the sleek and stylish design and it is available in different colors. The kitchen sink organizer has a built-in drain lip for easy water removal. Not only that, it is made of a silicone material so it is long lasting and dish-washer safe!